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The "hidden rules" created by the "explosives" of tea, everyone who makes tea should look at it!

    Published on Chinese and foreign tea merchants
The "hidden rules" created by the "explosives" of tea, everyone who makes tea should look at it!

With the concept of "big singles" and "explosives" being brought into the tea circle, many friends in the tea circle have also become keen to create "explosive products". How can tea companies and tea merchants create explosive products? 中外茶商各交流群的群友就打造茶叶“爆品”的潜规则进行了讨论。 Recently, friends from various exchange groups of Chinese and foreign tea merchants have discussed the hidden rules for creating tea “explosives”. Chinese and foreign tea merchants will sort it out exclusively for readers' reference.

Product use determines product design

Recently, when communicating in the white tea exchange group, some group friends said that tea packaging is very important, while some group friends said that customers bought tea, and the packaging was not important, which caused controversy in this group. 笔者倒认为是大家对客户买茶用途认知不同决定的。 Summarizing the reasons for different opinions on the importance of packaging, the author thinks that it is because people have different cognitions about the use of tea for customers. From the current situation, customers purchase tea mainly for three purposes: self-drinking, gift giving, and collection .

,客户买茶是为了自饮。 For self-drinking purposes , customers buy tea for self-drinking. Customers of self-drinking tea also have different needs for tea. Some people value the value for money; some people value the quality of the product; others value the brand awareness of the product. In general, customers are more concerned about the tea itself and its brand value, and the demand for external factors such as packaging is relatively low.

,商务礼赠近年来正成为茶叶销售的重要渠道。 In terms of gifts , business gifts have become an important channel for tea sales in recent years. With the guidance of related industrial policies and the rise of tea ceremony culture, tea has become an important product for business gifts. Business gift customers generally value product price, packaging, brand awareness and other factors.

近年来随着收藏渠道的火热,以普洱茶为代表的可以投资收藏的茶叶产品日渐火热。 In terms of collection use, in recent years, along with the popularity of collection channels, tea products represented by Pu'er tea that can be invested in collections have become increasingly popular. 与茶行业相似度很高的酒行业同样如此,不管是一些企业搞的封藏大典还是一些民间收藏家收藏一些老酒,都是收藏热的集中表现。 Of course, the collection fever is not only in the tea industry, but also in the wine industry, which has a high degree of similarity with the tea industry. Whether it is a closed ceremony organized by some companies or some old wines collected by folk collectors, it is a concentrated expression of the collection fever. Some teas naturally have properties that are conducive to collection, and are more likely to become explosives in terms of collection.

Creating "explosive" selection is important to the channel

Many friends talk about creating “explosives” and think that creating a good tea that they think is good or follow the trend of others can become “explosives”. Good teas are not anxious to sell! I have different opinions. According to the consumption habits of tea consumers, there should be multiple explosive products.

在消费者层面引发消费热情。 Consumer explosives, sparking consumer enthusiasm at the consumer level. Consumers often buy products for their own consumption or for collections, gifts, etc. Such products are either cost-effective, quality, brand, function, or novelty, which easily triggers consumer buying enthusiasm. We see on the Internet that many products are sold very much, largely to meet people's needs. For example, the small green mandarin that has been popular in recent years is largely due to the novelty of consumers after seeing it, which has caused the desire to buy and promoted product sales!

当前商务礼赠已经成为茶叶销售的重要渠道。 Explosive business gifts, currently commercial gifts have become an important channel for tea sales. As tea culture heats up year by year, more and more customers are willing to give tea to customers as a business gift product. However, business gifts often favor factors such as product brand and product packaging. Price is often used as an important criterion to measure the importance of customers. Customers are not sensitive to the price level and are more sensitive to the corresponding price and customer value. Many group members believe that in the current period, small cans of tea have been recognized by customers for a variety of factors such as popularity, price, packaging, etc. Many tea merchants in the market are not successful in imitating small cans to a large extent. It won't work well for business customers.

Channel Explosion, in Chinese merchants are a large group, and the good or bad of a tea has a great relationship with the merchants. Before, many tea merchants were more willing to sell tea to traditional tea city channels. However, in recent years, with the development of the Internet, e-commerce channels are becoming one of the important channels. Tea merchants will do a good job of e-commerce channels to become well-known online brands, and the effects of offline channel expansion will also be good. It is worth noting that in recent years, new tea merchant groups represented by wine merchants, especially wine merchants with liquor chain stores, have paid attention to and actively sold tea products, providing more opportunities for the expansion of tea channels. The addition of new tea merchant groups has also provided more conditions for brand expansion.

Explosive creation requires multiple efforts

From the previous analysis, we can see that explosives creation is affected by multiple factors, so how to do explosives creation?

Product planning should correspond to target channels. I have already analyzed that different channels should not correspond to different products, so how are the products corresponding to different channels different? If a tea is to be sold to self-drinking people, then the main needs of the self-drinking channel people should be paid attention to during the planning process. For example, if someone wants to drink an authentic Dahongpao, then pass the concepts of authenticity, quality, and price to consumers ; If the goal is a business gift channel, then after the product packaging is done well, find ways to make customers sell gifts more face-to-face; and to focus on the collection channel, on the one hand, we must emphasize suitable for collection, on the other hand, we must improve our collection The credibility of the circle, so that more people can collect.

Choose the right channels for promotion. In the process of product promotion, many tea companies and tea merchants pay more attention to prices without considering the channels corresponding to their own products. For example, it is clear that a certain tea fair is full of consumers, and companies feel that the price is cheap enough to run investment promotion, and after wasting a lot of manpower and materials, the effect is not good. For example, some time ago, the Huatang Wanshang Leadership Conference was held in Zhengzhou, Henan, and tens of thousands of liquor and food distributors across the country were present. Many tea companies felt that the prices were relatively high and did not participate, but many tea companies got very Good investment effect. In the process of selecting channel promotion, tea companies must have a good understanding of their products. If the main promotion is consumer promotion, you can choose more consumer activities; if the main product promotion, you must choose more channel merchants. activity. Of course, today, after 80, 90 and even 00, gradually become mainstream consumers, some of the more novel products can also use the Internet channels to attract more attention.

Focus on brand communication when building explosives. Many tea companies and tea companies think that they have already gained a lot of popularity and do not need to do brand or product promotion; some tea companies and tea companies think that their product quality is very good, and consumers can rely on quality to harvest products. Promotion, is it true? 小罐茶的成功给我们上了一课,正是小罐茶在电视上的高曝光率让很多消费者认识了小罐茶,并且实际购买了小罐茶,不论大家对小罐茶模式认可与否,小罐茶的成功还是给我们的茶企和茶商上了一课。 Many group of friends believe that the success of the small pot of tea has taught us a lesson. It is the high exposure of the small pot of tea on TV that has made many consumers know the small pot of tea and actually purchased the small pot of tea. Whether the small pot tea model is approved or not, the success of the small pot tea has taught our tea companies and tea merchants a lesson. In today's increasingly important brand, tea companies and tea business friends should pay more attention to the spread of their own brands. Dissemination does not cost much. Those who have the conditions can carry out widespread dissemination; those without the conditions can carry out channel dissemination; the most unconditional can also carry out dissemination on their own today.

In short, China's tea industry is gradually developing into a brand. Every tea company and tea merchant should seize the opportunity, hold the mentality of creating explosives and brands, make good products, serve customers, and work together to win the future!

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Looking forward to the future

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There are too many large and small tea companies in China, and consumers have no clue when buying tea again. Tea really needs to be branded.

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Make tea. Be good.


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Good products and good customers

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Work together to win the future!

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