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Chuancheng Laoshu White Tea: Congratulations to Quanzhou Chuancheng Laoshu White Tea Life Experience Hall!

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Chuancheng Laoshu White Tea: Congratulations to Quanzhou Chuancheng Laoshu White Tea Life Experience Hall!

Quanzhou, anciently known as "Erythrina", is the main birthplace of tea culture in southern Fujian. It can be said that the tea drinking habits in Quanzhou are a microcosm of the daily life of southern Fujian.

On December 8, the Chuancheng Laoshu White Tea Life Experience Hall in Quanzhou, Fujian held a grand opening ceremony! Chuancheng family from Quanzhou and tea culture enthusiasts from all walks of life came to the store to share their best wishes for the opening event!

Quanzhou Chuancheng family Yan Shui Shan Yan has always been a senior tea maker. He has been in the tea industry for nearly 20 years. He likes to challenge himself. Since the day he came into contact with tea, he has determined to make a substantial contribution to this amazing oriental leaf .

In recent years, the white tea market has been hot. President Yan also tried to learn about white tea that he had never heard of before. At President Yan of Putian Hanjiang family, he became an old tree white tea.

The quality of Chuancheng products and the "tea culture" and "home culture" advocated by the company left a deep impression on Mr. Yan. With the deepening of his understanding, he became more convinced of his intuition, and his influence in the future must not be underestimated !!

In General Yan's opinion, there is currently no decent white tea culture franchise store in Quanzhou, and the majority of people who like to drink white tea have a bright future.

In order to let white tea enter millions of households, let more people know about white tea and fall in love with white tea, Mr. Yan, who has been passed on for less than half a year, opened this Chuancheng old tea white tea life experience hall. I hope to build this platform to lead southern Fujian The new fashion of people drinking tea has created a happiness platform for tens of thousands of couple shops in Quanzhou.

On the same day, Mr. Lin Qingxiu, the chairman of Qingye Co., Ltd., shared the interaction with the Quanzhou family who was present. In his speech, he talked about the ancient history and culture of Quanzhou. He hoped that the opening of the museum today would link the tea culture in southern Fujian.

He pointed out that the Chuancheng Experience Pavilion links consumers with standardized stores and standardized products. Qingying's mission is: The people's longing for the health of drinking tea is our goal!

In order for his family to understand the difference between a brand and a brand, he specifically pointed out that entrepreneurship is the first barrier for entrepreneurs, formal is the second barrier for entrepreneurs, and brand is the third barrier for entrepreneurs.

Sales are not selling products, they are helping customers to solve problems. The essence of business is life. We work with customers to cultivate customers and provide customers with life programs continuously. Customers' yearning for life is our goal.

Passed into the old tree white tea life experience hall, new Chinese style furniture, fresh and elegant design, spacious and bright layout, creating a relaxed space for tasting and bringing tea lovers a comfortable and excellent experience.

Congratulations to Quanzhou Chuancheng Laoshu White Tea Life Experience Hall! Business is booming! Welcome friends from all over the country to come and enjoy.

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