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2019 Dayi Brothers are up, cooked tea 100g

2019 Dayi Brothers raised 100g of cooked tea

2018 Shimonoseki Nanxun Yuxuan (Wu Zhai, Iceland) Raw Tea 500g / piece

2018 Shimonoseki Nanji Imperial Palace (Wizhai, Iceland) Raw Tea 500g / Piece

2018 Dayi Qianshan Yiye 1801 batch raw tea 357 g

2018 Dayi Qianshan Yiye 1801 batch of raw tea 357 g

2018 Dayi Xiaolongzhu Round Tea Cooked Tea 357g

2018 Dayi Xiaolongzhu Round Tea Cooked Tea 357g

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Combining all things, re-watching: a trial report of Goodyear Phoenix Infinite Zen Heart Health Tea 280g in 2019

132? 1545981729 Posted by Han Gu Tu Ren
All things work together. Jian Goode Phoenix, the infinite zen heart. Source of tasting tea sample: "New Tea Net" sent test tasting water: Yibao barreled pure water for soup soup utensil: cover bowl brewing tasting date: 2019/11/30 solar terms: Jihai Meng winter air: sunny, breeze Temperature: 0 degrees ------ 10 degrees Tea volume: 8 grams of boiling water utensils: Soak the tasting area: Central Plains Henan Luoyang tea sample appearance
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A warm river and mountains-2019 Jeep Jishu 727 Wild Briquette 250g Trial Report

20d6e579f38c0feac4c21c79e5a ... An ordinary heart posted on
The heavy snow closed the road and the cold wind broke through. In this winter, the Jeep BRIC cooked tea came to me as promised. The new tea net delivers tea in the snow, or cooked tea; the "Jeep" presented by the Jeep is actually a "brick". This situation really makes people grateful, excited, and beaming! 1. The young man on the right side of the tea tea company picture is named Zhang Yu. Everyone in the circle called him "Little Black." Founder and CEO of Jeep. A curly hair, a square face ...
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Little girl picking mushrooms, carrying a big bamboo basket——2019 Goode Phoenix Infinite Zen Heart Raw Tea 280g Trial Report

333df1b0c3f8996aeebf6af3717 ... Posted by Tintin
A long, long time ago, there was a big mountain, and there were many mushrooms on the mountain, including red, green, yellow, black, pink, colored, and various colors. I am not a little girl, and there are no mushrooms to pick in this cold winter mountain; but although the weather is cold this winter, my heart is warm, because I received the "2019 Good Phoenix Phoenix Infinite Zen Heart" from Xinchawang ". Heart-shaped lotus root tea, according to data shows that the earliest produced in ...

Goode Phoenix Peace of Mind: 2019 Goode Phoenix Peace of Mind Tea 500g Trial

132? 1550377220 Posted by Ren Jian
Once again in the new tea network free trial products, very happy! In addition, also sent a special express order number on WeChat so that it can find the logistics situation in time, which is very intimate! !! This tea brick is a new tea from Nanxun Tea Factory this year, and I am looking forward to trying it! Because I received the tea cake just in time for Double Twelve, so I only dragged in today to submit the trial report. Hope Xincha understand! !! Well, I said a little, not much to say, or provide after-trial experience! !! !! !! !! !! ...
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Flower and honey fragrance in beauty beads: 2019 Erhai Benmu ancient tea industry ancient small white beauty bead white tea 80g trial

Ad43387aed13521d5c607779bde ... Yunhai Sanren Posted on
Picture description The weather in northeast China has entered the grand view of thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow. Looking out the window, the snow covered the ground, as if heating the ground; indoor heating makes people feel like a spring room. Suddenly felt at this moment whether this mirrored the realm of ice and fire? Description of the picture Arrange cups and taste the ancient small white beauty beads of Haiben Ancient Wood Tea Industry, enjoy the view of tea, and enjoy this momentary moment. I. Tea Product Company Introduction 2019 Ancient Little White Beauty Pearl (Yunnan) Erhai Honmu ...
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Warm the time, drunk and beautiful tea soup: 2008 Chinese tea Pu'er zodiac rat green cake raw tea 357g trial

132? 1572259225 Drifting across the ocean
The raw tea rat cake produced by China Tea Kunming Tea Factory of China Native and Livestock Products Import and Export Corporation in 2008 has a cooked tea in the same series. This tea is not expensive, and there are already 11 years in the vintage. The front side of the tea cake, the back side of the dry tea cake, and the dry tea strips inside are thick and fat. After 11 years of precipitation, the tea cake is not tight, and it is easy to pry open. The color of dry tea started to appear dark brown, and it looked more oily. Run the tea two times and then make a bubble, 1-3 tea soup orange yellow, the tea sinks in the tea soup ...
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"Yumu in Yunnan, Peerless and Independent", Mugu Tea Industry Gu Xiaobai Beauty Pearl Trial Drink Report

M4 Yixiantian Posted on
Yunnan (north) has (beautiful) Jiamu, peerless and independent. Take a look at Renren City, then visit Renmin. Wouldn't you like to be a city or a country? Jiamu (beauty) is hard to come by. Borrowing a Yuefu poem created by the court musician Li Yannian of the Han Dynasty, a slight adaptation, a good tea and a beautiful woman are also met but not sought. Guan Guan 雎 Dove, in the state of the river. Good lady, gentleman. First of all, thanks to, I am honored to have the opportunity to experience the sweet aroma of Gu Xiaobai Beauty's pearl flower honey fruit.
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Jasmine tea: "Tianxian match" of flowers and tea: 2019 Shimonoseki tea premium jasmine tea loose tea 200g tasting

Wei xin tu pian 20190428160649 Posted by Wang Father Jin
My first claim: this text is not purely written to evaluate this tea. What I want to say about my jasmine tea is more than just a text. This time I just said a few words, and I will say something when I have a chance until I feel like I'm almost done. In my impression, the first time I drank jasmine tea was when I was a high school student; it took me a full 20 years to figure it out with my fingers (math idiot, use both hands and feet, the fingers are just right). At that time, there were not many brands of jasmine tea, but ...
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Tiger and Rose Light and Wine, Dragon and Wind Leisure Tea: 2019 Trial Report

77ed36f4b18679ce54d4cebda30 ... Brother Mu Hua Posted on
In me the tiger sniffs the rose—Sigleaf Sasong It seems to be inconsistent with those of the same age on campus. At that time, some people were addicted to non-published books, some were addicted to the romantic sequence of Nongnonong, and some people were looking for heroes in the rivers and lakes ... Of course, more people Still the era ...
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"Children open the sky, dare to be the first" 2008 Chinese Tea Pu'er Zodiac Mouse Cake Appreciation Report

7b4395ecc4e15a51dcd73ce4b3f ... My Mile Mai Mai ...
"Children open the sky, dare to be the first" 2008 Chinese Tea Pu'er Zodiac Rat Green Cake Appreciation Report The green cake said that the rat, the twelfth zodiac ranked first, and the first place in the earthly branch started from the child. allusion. There is an old saying: "Since the beginning of chaos, the sky has opened to the child, the earth has been ugly, the life has been in yin, and heaven and earth meet again, everything is born." It is said that at the beginning of the world, chaos did not open. The rat bravely bit the sky open a hole, the sun's rays finally appeared, and the yin and yang were separated. The folk name is "rat ...

Delicate and smooth on the mouth, sweet aftertaste: 2018 Jeep No. 1 Pinto Orange (Tianma) Ripe Tea 60g Trial Evaluation Report

132? 1560160768 Happy just published on
I was fortunate to have a chance to try a small green mandarin jeep. It uses Xinhui Tianma Xiaoqing Mandarin and Brown Mountain Five-Year Court Pu'er Tea. It has won the Golden Tea Award for three consecutive years. It is the benchmark tea in Xiaoqinggan. I received the opened package as follows: The picture depicts a white paper bag with a light blue tin can. The white lid of the tin can is printed with the jeep number, which is a rational Purim player. The jeep number is pinned on the tank body. Pegasus is printed on the bottom and the net weight is 60 grams. Printed around ...
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Honey is sweet and strong, the soup is yellow and bright and oily: 2019 Erhai Benmu Ancient Tea Industry Gu Xiaobai Beauty Pearl White Tea 80g Trial

M3 Ran posted on
"Come to drink tea!" Greetings from old friends in the neighborhood. Drinking tea is a must-have for home life, and it has become an indispensable tool link in urban society. Social people usually have a warm greeting when they are in touch; Ya, for the Chinese people, not only the need for water and health, but also the sublimation of self-cultivation and emotional trust. Benmu Ancient Tea is based on the Fujian white tea production process. It uses higher altitude, older trees, and more abundant Yunnan Plateau large leaf species to make white tea. After ...

Tea soup is golden and has a light blue fragrance: 2019 Goode Phoenix Sleeping Worry-Free Tea 500g Trial Evaluation Report

M3 Posted by Hong Wang in
Foreword Enjoying a cup of Good Phoenix Tea on a snowy day is a great relief! This tea is produced by Yunnan Dali Goode Phoenix Nanxun Tea Factory. Yunnan Nanxun Tea Factory was established in 1985, and in 2004 it restructured and launched the "Good Phoenix" and "Good" trademarks. There are now 3,800 acres of tea gardens. I. Tea Sample Introduction This tea sample is 500 grams of brick tea. The outer wrapping paper is golden yellow, and the front side is "sit back and relax." Covered with product introduction, ingredients, raw tea address and production date, etc. side...
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Ancient tree ripe tea taste coordinates-2017 Jeep Yuanshu 705 Brown ancient tree ripe tea 357g trial report

Cc5d60a30534a51c46cd4c6f0d2 ... Heart to Chashan Posted on
The story of the Jeep The Jeep belongs to the registered brand of Erhai Jeep Church Tea Co., Ltd. It is a young team, united by the love of Pu'er tea. They uphold the ultimate player spirit of young people, deeply root the tea mountain, and die of the ancient industry, and are committed to selecting good teas with high cost performance for tea friends. Original "Yuan" process of cooked tea fermentation; independently developed Puer tea evaluation system NPS; production of Yunnan Pu'er tea record and explanation program "Tea Mountain Black Story"; original player-level classification ...

Its fragrance is Tianyu Qingkan Cover Chrysanthemum: 2018 Jeep Poinsettia (Tianma) Ripe Tea 60g Trial Evaluation Report

132? 1566892217 Published by Nie Jiayu
Since its launch, Xiaoqinggan has been loved by many tea friends for its unique taste and fresh fruit aroma. The combination of Pu'er ripe tea (cooked loose tea) and mandarin peel has given Xiaoqing mandarin a certain pharmacological value, so the little green mandarin fire is inevitable, and it even “occupied” the tea table of many tea friends, becoming Regulars on the tea table. Xiaoqing mandarin generally refers to the fruit picked from the beginning of the lunar calendar to the autumnal equinox. At this time, the peel is not yet colored, the appearance is bright, the oil chamber is slightly concave and dense, does not show shrinkage, and is hard ...
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