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      The value of Pu'er tea blending technology 丨 topic

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      Independent innovation of tea companies in the buyer's market

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      "Ancient Tea and Camellia Resource Protection", "China Tea Industry Conference", "Brand Tea Enterprises Entering the Era of Quality Enhancement"

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      Review of "Technical Regulations for the Protection of Ancient Tea Trees in Xishuangbanna (Trial)" 丨 Topic

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      Get a free trial 丨 Jeep No. 505 in 2018 and Zheng Hao in 2019

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    "Bianbian Headline", an overview of major events and interesting events in the tea industry, is hosted by the director of the Hangzhou Tea Research Institute (China Tea Institute) of the All-China Supply and Marketing Cooperative ...
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    Tea industry revival

    Tea knowledge professional service provider, focusing on tea culture research, creation, dissemination, education and service. Its `` tea industry renaissance '' with leading communication power has created many successes from the media ...
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    Pu'er Magazine

    `` Pu'er '' magazine is a fashion magazine focusing on tea culture, tea science, and tea health with Pu'er tea as the main body.It is the only professional magazine for Pu'er tea in China.
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    China Tea Distribution Association

    Giving play to the role of industry intermediary to serve China's tea industry.
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    Fujian Tea Net

    Fujian Tea Net ( information channel. Share tea market trends, tea knowledge, tea culture and tea-related information. Tea friends: Drink Fujian ...
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    Tea rivers and lakes

    The first domestic vertical media platform focusing on the tea industry, tea bosses prefer internal reference, focus on interpreting capital market tea companies, and dig for heavy tea business cases. The most dry tea and ...
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    The original innovation media platform focusing on the tea industry. In-depth coverage of front-line industry news, market dynamics, and trend analysis; mining of first-hand innovation models, practical cases, marketing experience; presenting ...
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    China Pu'er Tea Net

    China Pu'er Tea Network ( provides you with authoritative Pu'er tea information, prices, knowledge, cooperation and other information. Tel: 0871 -...
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    Asia Pacific Tea Industry

    Bridges and ties between tea companies and consumers
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    Anhua Black Tea Media Platform


    Liuru Tea Culture Research Institute

    How many degrees of blisters do different teas need?

      How many degrees of blisters do different teas need?

    • Low temperature (70 ~ 80 ℃): can brew relatively tender higher green teas such as Longjing and Biluochun, and yellow teas such as Huoshan yellow bud and Junshan silver needle; medium temperature (80 ℃ ~ 90 ℃): can brew white oolong etc Sprouts of oolong tea, melon slices, and other green teas with leaves, as well as white teas with tender buds but heavy withering, such as white millet needles and white peony. High temperature (90 ℃ ~ 100 ℃): It can brew oolong tea such as Tieguanyin, Yancha, and black tea such as post-fermented Pu'er, and fully fermented black tea. It is worth noting that if there is no warm pot, the pot body will absorb the water temperature of about 5 ° C, so the humidity should be raised to increase the temperature of the tea.
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    How to determine how much water the price of Pu'er tea contains?

      How to determine how much water the price of Pu'er tea contains?

    • There is an old saying that cheap is not good, good is not cheap. But just judging the quality of a Pu'er tea based on the price will fall into a certain misunderstanding. The price of Pu'er tea varies greatly. How much water is in it? How can you tell? The price of Pu'er tea is mainly composed of four parts: raw materials, processing, sales and storage. First, the process moisture is not obvious. In terms of processing technology, because there has been no standardization, the level of process level is difficult to define, and the slight differences are difficult for consumers to identify unless the tea is very inferior and the water content of Pu'er tea caused by process water is not very high. obvious. Second, the sale lies in the brand premium Puer tea sales involves product planning, packaging design and marketing and other means. This series of operating methods will generate a certain premium. The larger the brand, the higher the premium of Puer tea products. .
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    How did a standard Pu'er tea maker come to be?

      How did a standard Pu'er tea maker come to be?

    • Getting started with cooked tea Drink Pu'er, getting started with cooked tea, because cooked tea is delicious, especially some traditional old tea heads, which are sweet and glutinous, and very delicious, but lack the rhyme. When you drink and start drinking green tea, you will find that every time you drink green tea, you have different feelings. Pu'er, what do you like about it? Most of the Pu'er tea people are tea cultivators who have been soaked in tea leaves; they like Pu'er because they like the uncertainty and the change that can be observed; they like Pu'er because they can take out tea after seven years of Tibetan tea I came to tell my friends that I have kept this tea for seven years. The distance of time is as short as my eyes. Between seven years ... I feel like sitting next to each other. Tea friends fighting tea. Someone asked: Why do you choose to drink Pu'er? Of course, there are many answers. Some say that Pu'er is fierce, some say that Pu'er Bao ...
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    Discover the 23 fragrances of Pu'er tea? You know several

      Discover the 23 fragrances of Pu'er tea? You know several

    • Pu'er tea is scented. Most people only know that certain reference is familiar to them. Some of them are the charm and flavor of Pu'er tea. The value of Pu'er tea. 1. Clear fragrance This is the most commonly used aroma description of Pu'er tea (raw tea) and sun-dried green tea. It has a fresh and light meaning, which is completely different from the rich fragrance, which makes people smell elegant, such as the old forest in the mountains The air of the expansive grassland has no pungent fragrance, but it is naturally harmonious. The scent molecules that make people comfortable are mainly composed of luteol and some simple aliphatic molecules. In the early stage of greening, with the rise of leaf temperature, a large amount of homeopathic chlorophyllol was volatilized and transformed into trans chlorophyllol, together with some simple aliphatic molecules produced by degradation at high temperature ...
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    Liuru feast with the tongue of Iceland's old village

      Liuru feast with the tongue of Iceland's old village

    • "If the elves are ever-changing, then the Icelandic tea in Pu'er tea is the queen of the elves, the absolute king. She impressed the tea queen with a girly softness and lasting sweetness, becoming the earliest known Pu'er in this circle. Mr. Chang Shengli, the chairman of the Icelandic Laozhai company, personally went to Xi'an to do an internal training sharing meeting for Liuru today. The tea at the bottom of the box and the factory were all taken out. First of all, we watched and explained by President Chang through a video, and systematically understood the history, region, and production status of Iceland. After moving to Liuru Zen Tea Room, the first bubble of Chang always gave us an enlightenment. Before the spring of 19, a single King of Iceland tea was planted (written in 1485, there are 35 trees in existence). Iceland tea, some people describe Iceland tea as woman's tea. Iceland...
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    Shaanxi Tea Culture "Lifetime Contribution Award" nominated tea person information publicity

      Shaanxi Tea Culture "Lifetime Contribution Award" nominated tea person information publicity

    • Not forgetting the original intention, and striving forward, the 2019 Spring Festival Annual Meeting of Shaanxi Tea Culture Research Association will be held on December 21 at the Grand Riverside Hotel in Qujiang. People-oriented, carry forward the spirit of the times, revitalize the national tea culture, this conference for the first time awarded the "Lifetime Contribution Award" (over 70 years old), the highest honor in Shaanxi tea industry, for the outstanding old tea people who inherit the Shaanxi tea spirit and promote the development of Shaanxi tea industry Give recognition. The winners of the Shaanxi Tea Culture "Lifetime Contribution Award" are nominated (in no particular order): Linzhi Shaanxi Province Tea Culture Lifetime Contribution Award Lin Zhi is a famous tea culture education expert and has authored many tea culture teaching materials. Tea lifestyle "advocate. Awarded the "Excellent Chinese Tea Culture Communication ...
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    Top 10 tea books to read in 2019 tea media

      Top 10 tea books to read in 2019 tea media

    • In order to promote the creation and publication of original tea books and commend outstanding books, the China Tea Industry Media Alliance selected from tea culture books published from December 1, 2018 to November 30, 2019 in accordance with the nomination and voting procedures. Ten tea books were released to the society. These tea books are based on readability and fun in the selection process, hoping to make more readers fall in love with Chinese tea by reading easy-to-understand tea culture books. On December 12, the China Tea Industry Media Alliance released the "2019 Top Ten Tea Books Recommended List for Tea Media" at the 2019 China (Shenzhen) International Autumn Tea Industry Expo. "Blazing Camellia words" Author: Cao Peng Publisher: Culture and Art Publishing House Published: May 2019 Introduction whole book ...
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    In the wound age, young people "played" with different teas

      Young people in the Chuangye era "played" with different teas

    • Now is an era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Tea, an ancient and traditional industry, urgently needs to make a change, keep up with the tide of the times, actively change the inherent thinking in the trend of consumption upgrade, and explore a new transformation road. In 2018, the "Chinese Tea Man" was born in honor of the "Chinese Tea Man Model" selection campaign. Today, representatives of the new tea people gathered in Shenzhen to focus their voices—focusing on the young market of the tea industry, grasping the 100 billion traffic outlets, and forging ahead with the world's tea people, sharing our era of creating leaves. Event Site On December 12, the "Chuangye Times-The First Chinese New Tea Tea Party" was held in the Chrysanthemum Hall on the 5th floor of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the event is "Young Tea Market", and many young tea merchant representatives, more than ten tea media ...
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      Always drink tea, you must know these taboos

    • More and more friends around me are fond of drinking tea. Although drinking tea can be free, but you should pay attention to the place to pay attention to. Not everyone is suitable for drinking tea. Today, Fan Jun said that many people are drinking tea. Where you don't pay attention, as long as you know these eight taboos, as long as you don't drink tea that you shouldn't drink, you can still be "willful" to drink tea. Taboo 1: Do not drink tea on an empty stomach. Drinking tea on an empty stomach can dilute stomach acid, inhibit gastric secretion, hinder digestion, and even cause “tea drunk” phenomena such as palpitations, headaches, upset stomach, dazzling, and upset and affect protein absorption It can also cause gastric mucositis. If "tea drunkenness" occurs, you can ease your mouth with candy or drink some sugar. Taboo 2: Do n’t drink a lot of tea before and after meals. Many people are used to drinking tea and enjoy the moon right after meals, but before and after meals 2 ...
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      Wuyiyan Tea Narcissus

    • Why does Wuyi Rock Tea say that it is not cinnamon but narcissus? It is not cinnamon but narcissus. In the rock tea circle, this sentence has already been rotten. It can be said that no one knows, no one knows. However, the meaning behind this sentence is not difficult to understand. It is not difficult to say, it is not easy to say. Cinnamon is known for its aroma, tea aroma is rich and rich in layers. In addition to the distinctive scent of cinnamon, there are also various fragrances such as floral, fruity, floral and fruity, and caramel. And, depending on the environment of the mountain farm, cinnamon can evolve into a wonderful tea fragrance. On the fragrance of tea, cinnamon can be gentle, can be placed outside, can be overbearing, can be restrained, it can be described as IKEA and IKEA. The good news is that it's extraordinarily lively. The narcissus pays more attention to the soup. The soup should be mellow, thick, and full, which is ...
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      How to make Wuyi Dahongpao

    • Why is the tea soup of the rock tea very soft, but the water is not thick? When novice Xiaobai watched the old tea friends drinking the rock tea, he would always hear such evaluations, "The tea soup is thick and mellow," etc. Although I didn't remember all these words, But my heart is full of doubts, such as why use the word “thick” to describe tea soup? Is n’t tea soup thin enough to be good tea? In fact, such questions as me are very common. Sometimes we do drink tea soup soft and thin soup. For rock tea, the words "soft" and "thin" cannot be used to describe the same tea. The two words have different derogatory meanings. Is this tea good or inferior? Soft but not thick? The reasons are many. First, the brewing method is inappropriate. A good rock tea, the taste is always soft, but ...
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      Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea Aged Dahongpao

    • The quality of Wuyi Rock Tea is not judged by price, but by taste. Do you choose it? There is a question. Take five or six different rock teas in front of you. Which one do you choose to drink first? Some friends are very cunning. He would first ask, "Which bubble do you recommend?" Of course, the author is also very cunning, so he said, the cheapest drink. He lost his face on the spot. His point is that tea tasting is a matter of energy and time. It is a matter of hitting and hitting it. But drinking tea is not buying vegetables, you can see the mystery of the leaves by looking at the freshness of the leaves. To drink tea or tea, you have to drink it, and you have to bother with your hands and drink. Therefore, such a scene often occurs: when he drinks unpleasant tea, he jumps his feet and swears, "It is really a loss to his wife and a troop, the discomfort of the mouth will make people feel depressed! ...
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      How to make Wuyiyan tea narcissus

    • Why is it difficult to drink the high-priced rock tea that someone still pays? Try the tea, and sometimes the newcomer's taste buds are the most sensitive. This is by instinct. A really strong good tea, which can make people feel instinctively and taste delicious. This afternoon, the author and the new girl were drinking tea. I made her a certain type of Zhengyan cinnamon. Tea, water, quickly rush out, pour tea and soup. The shy girl picked up the small tall cup in front of her, and drank it, embarrassingly smiled. "This tea is so good? Is it delicious?" The author asked directly. "It's delicious without the eyebrows. This tea is bitter, and my tongue is numb." I heard that the author introduced her to the background of this tea: "This tea is very expensive to sell outside, it will cost more than five figures." After listening, she was very surprised, and then she drank seriously ...
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      Bama Tea Oolong Tea Wuyi Dahongpao Rock Tea

    • Drinking rock tea, whether narcissus, cinnamon, or Dahongpao, do you want to wash tea? Take the bubble heart rock cinnamon to a friend's house for tea. After taking a seat, my friends brewed tea. Tea, water, soup, soak a cup of crystal clear tea soup soon. When distracted, his eyes stopped at the well-cultivated asparagus at the table. A friend with a slick movement poured the brewed tea soup on the antique stone aside. "Ah, that's the flesh of my heart." Angrily shouted to his friend. "You know, you have to wash your tea." "Isn't it necessary to wash all the rock tea before drinking it?" That's not it! For good tea, never wash it. Because it's too wasteful. When drinking tea outside, often encounter a tangled thing. That is, when you drink tea, do you want to wash it ...
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      What brand of Wuyi Rock Tea is good

    • Regardless of narcissus, cinnamon, and Dahongpao, why did Haoyan Tea wait until the second half of the year to go on the market? I wonder if everyone believes it. I believe it anyway. When it comes to major events, you must arrange a good time. This is not because of superstition. Take eating hot pot, for example. After the winter, the hottest thing is the simmering hot pot. At this time, the cucumber fish was fat, the dumplings were beautiful, and even the goats were growing well, and the meat was tender and delicious. It can be seen that the cold wind in the early winter is simply the best horn for cooking hot pot! In the blink of an eye, it is winter again. At this time, besides eating hot pot, it is also suitable for drinking rock tea. After all, the top tea coming out of the core rock production area in the rock tea will not be released until the second half of the year. Therefore, the tea fighting festival in Tianxin Village often picks a good day. To wait for refined baking ...
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      Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea No. 1 Brand

    • Among the many teas brewed, Wuyiyan tea is the most changeable, the most elusive, and the most difficult to grasp. Therefore, drinking Wuyiyan tea is not only an enjoyment, but also an art and a science. Scent of Wuyi Rock Tea. Aroma is an important part of Wuyiyan Tea. Therefore, in each brewing process, you can enjoy the aroma of Wuyi rock tea by smelling: dry tea, falling water, cup lid, hanging cup. 1. Smell method: When you smell the fragrance, take a deep breath through your nose. After inhaling the fragrance, you should turn your head away from the fragrance source (tea, tea set) and slowly exhale the fragrance, feel carefully. 2, Wuyi rock tea smelling tips. Dry tea fragrance: refers to the dry tea fragrance of tea. Pour the tea into the bowl and porcelain pot after the warm cup, shake it a few times after covering ...
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      Wuyishan rock tea tea cake storage method

    • When it comes to tea, it is basically a household name and has been drunk. But the new school tea found that although it knew a lot, it didn't know much. In our back office, we will often receive various questions about tea, and the frequency of receiving very basic questions is about 50%. Therefore, we have compiled a wave of basic tea knowledge to avoid embarrassment when you go out to Kan Dashan. 1. The classification of tea is divided by color? The tea soup of black tea is red, so it is called black tea, the soup of black tea is black, so it is called black tea, and the tea soup of green tea is green, so it is called green tea ... If you think so It would be too naive to break through the classification of tea leaves. At the beginning of the tea circle, I used to think that the tea was named according to the color of the tea soup, but this was not the case. White tea its ...
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      Longyangshan Dahongpao Wuyi Rock Tea

    • Drinking rock tea, old daffodils and ordinary narcissus, is there a big difference? Can't wait to share one thing with you: Finally, with the new round of big cooling down, rock tea officially ushered in a golden period! In other words, all kinds of mid-foot fires and foot-fired rock teas on the market have now completed the fire. It is a good time to bloom. Now drinking rock tea, one fan Sukou on the left and one small waist on the right, Zhunbao can enjoy the fun and enjoyment. On this day, the old friend L Jun next to him took the old daffodils and came over to drink tea with the author. Here, don't worry about the officials, this is not the same name as "beef" in the circle. But a bubble in other producing areas, ** hundred years old. Afternoon in the winter, I live very slowly ...
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      Wuyi Rock Tea Lao Cong Narcissus

    • Drinking rock tea, whether narcissus, cinnamon, or Dahongpao, do you want to wash tea? Take the bubble heart rock cinnamon to a friend's house for tea. After taking a seat, my friends brewed tea. Tea, water, soup, soak a cup of crystal clear tea soup soon. When distracted, his eyes stopped at the well-cultivated asparagus at the table. A friend with a slick movement poured the brewed tea soup on the antique stone aside. "Ah, that's the flesh of my heart." Angrily shouted to his friend. "You know, you have to wash your tea." "Isn't it necessary to wash all the rock tea before drinking it?" That's not it! For good tea, never wash it. Because it's too wasteful. When drinking tea outside, often encounter a tangled thing. That is, when you drink tea, do you want to wash it ...
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      Wuyan Mountain Rock Tea Dahongpao Mo Yan

    • Rock tea has a watery flavor, because the tea is not enough? Let's start with a paragraph. Drink tea with a few friends, and drink a special watery cinnamon. Someone who doesn't know much about tea, listen to us discuss the taste of water. Therefore, he expressed his opinion: "In addition to tea, drinking cold water is actually good for the body." ... It turned out that a certain junior directly equated the taste of water with the taste of water. This understanding is correct, but it is not comprehensive enough. After all, it is not a good thing to have a water taste in a bubble tea! What is a water taste? As the name implies, it means no tea taste. Tea soup with obvious water taste, when you drink it, you can obviously feel the separation of tea taste and water. Tea and water do not blend together, but instead repel each other like oil and water. When such tea soup swallows down the throat ...
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      Richun Tea Industry

      Richun Co., Ltd. originated from the hometown of Tieguanyin, and its origins can be traced back to the period of Qianlong (1736). The company adheres to the business philosophy of "true quality, no two prices", "direct management ...
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      Octagonal Tea

      Brand promotion, public service, tea friend interaction
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      Green Tea with Bamboo Leaves

      CCTV National Tea Classic Bamboo Leaf Green
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      Old Tree Tea in Rainforest

      Believe in the Power of Nature Rainforest Ancient Tree Tea
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      Chinese Tea Pu'er Tea

      The official public account of China Tea Pu'er, Yunnan China Tea Tea Industry Co., Ltd .; for more, please see the official website:; joining hotline: 400 ...
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      Guicha Group

      Guicha is a modern tea company with a full industrial chain that integrates tea planting, research and development, production, marketing and tea area tourism.
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      Yunyuan Valley

      Yun Yuangu believes that: Tea is a medium for expressing personal personality and literacy; Yun Yuangu shows a return to life; intellectual and longing for a free tea life of the soul; independence ...
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      Advocate of pure Pu'er tea, the meaning of the Junzhong brand is to take the name of the general manager Mr. Wang Junzhong, and is committed to creating a century-old brand, so it is "Junzhong"


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    Old tea abstracts

    "Old Tea Digest" was founded by Shenzhen One Tea Magazine Culture Publishing Company.
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    Please god drink tea

    Reconstructing the Discourse System of the Cloud Tea Industry with Historical Logic
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    Deng Zengyong's Weak Words

    To share with you what you see, hear and feel while walking. It is a platform for individuals to share and communicate with you, and sometimes personal opinions that do not represent the company you work for.
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    Wu Jiang said Pu'er

    Common sense is more important than tea knowledge, independent thinking is more important than knowledge-Wu Jiang
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    Tea talk

    This is a tea platform with independent thinking and dare to tell the truth.
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    Shi Yilong

    Shi Yilong, Thinking of Ancient Tree Tea.
    Wei xin tu pian 20180706012849


    The purpose of tapping potential and capable young and middle-aged purple sand artists is to return to the essence of purple sand, build a platform for the display of purple sand artists, and show purple sand fans the most potential excellent purple sand works.
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    Tea Evolution

    An effective tea science system, using precise logic to explain everything about tea

    Tea artist

    • Who says tea artisans are a youth eating industry?

      When it ’s lively, it ’s never too big. The most typical thing is entertainment gossip. Stars ...
    • What has Kiki been doing in recent years?

      What is Kiki doing these years? These are dedicated to Taoism ...
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    • Beijing can learn tea pot tea!

      To make it longer ...
    • ● People search in the city: The girl with outstanding temperament in Taiyuan, please contact when you see it

      Meet the most beautiful, find a secluded tea room and interest ...
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